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Our 4oz diffusers are perfect for scenting a bedroom, guest room or bathroom. Reed diffusers are a great flameless option for your home. Each diffuser comes with 10 all-natural rattan reeds that carry our fragrances beautifully. Our base is VOC free and we use only the finest fragrances in each amber glass bottle.

Our reed diffusers will last anywhere from 5-6 months. We suggest using 3-5 reeds at one time and flipping them every few weeks. 

December Morning: Smokey holiday pine with a hint of orange and lemon creme. 

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10% of all Lindbergh Candle Co. proceeds go to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. To learn more about our heart for St. Jude visit our About Page or check out the official St. Jude website

Made in our kitchen, each diffuser is hand mixed and poured in small batches using VOC free diffuser base and fine fragrances. Each diffuser comes in an apothecary inspired amber jar and contains 8oz of fragrance. We are proud to create products that are both vegan and cruelty-free! To learn more about us be sure to visit our about page

* 8 oz diffuser bottles measure 5.39" in height and 2.4" in diameter. 
* Our reed diffusers are poured in amber glass bottles with an aluminum cap.
* Reeds are made from all-natural rattan and responsibly harvested for the best fragrance flow.
* Diffusers come packaged in a kraft paper gift box.
* Each purchase includes a free sample tea-light candle. 

TIPS ON USING YOUR REED DIFFUSER: For best fragrance flow, we suggest using 3-5 reeds at one time. If the fragrance seems to be faint, flip your reeds every few weeks to continue carrying an even flow. Please note that the more reeds you use at once the more quickly your fragrance will evaporate into the air and the stronger your fragrance will be. If oil spills, clean up immediately. Oils can cause damage to some surfaces. Keep out of reach of children or beloved pets that might be tempted to knock it over. Our diffusers are perfect for a nightstand, and scent a bedroom beautifully. We also love them in guest rooms, bathroom and smaller living spaces. Don't forget to re-use your glass bottle once the oil has evaporated. They make the perfect small vase for your backyard greenery. 

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