Founded in 2015 in the kitchen of our 1971 home outside of Atlanta, GA. Each of our candles are inspired & made with love.

Lindbergh is a family name. There are four generations of "Lindbergh's" and "Lind's" on Jon's side of the family, including the middle name of our first born son, Soren Lind Wallace. Lindbergh Candle Co. was created out of Savannah's joy for quiet moments, the flicker of a candle and our crazy love for spending time together. Lindbergh celebrates good design, home, family and the beautiful stories a scent can tell. 

Each candle is carefully hand-poured in small batches using US grown all-natural soy wax, fine fragrances and cotton-core wicks. Our eco-friendly candles are both lead and zinc free. Lindbergh candles are carbon neutral, emitting no net carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, providing a clean burn. We are proud to create products that are both vegan and cruelty-free. Our design is simple and elegant, perfect for adding a special touch to any home.

   Jon is a stay-at-home dad and game developer and Savannah is a director of digital projects at Whiteboard. Founded on over a decade of love, they share a home in Atlanta, Georgia with their growing family. Their favorite day of the week is Wednesday (date night). They can hardly say no to a hot delivered pizza and a marathon of their favorite show. They are parents to a beautiful boy, Soren, who's zeal for life brings them an abundance of joy and a sweet little lady, Aria, who already has us wrapped around her little fingers.

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