Hi, I'm Sav

Candle connoisseur. Voted most likely to send you a playlist and order french fries off the menu.

Sav started Lindbergh in 2015 in the kitchen of her 1970’s home outside of Atlanta, GA. Lindbergh is a family name with over four generations of “Lindbergh’s” and “Lind’s”. Lindbergh was founded with the energy of good design, story-telling ballads from the 70’s, loosing time in conversation, complex scent profiles that transport and a dash of magick.

Why Lindbergh

Each candle is crafted and hand-poured in small batches using US grown all-natural soy wax, non-toxic fragrance oils and cotton-core wicks.

Our eco-friendly candles are free of icky stuff like phthalates and anything on the California Prop 65 list. Lindbergh candles are carbon neutral, emitting no net carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, providing a clean burn. We are proud to create products that are both vegan and cruelty-free. 

We are constantly working to gear our business to more sustainable and eco-friendly efforts by removing plastic from our packaging, offering packaging-free options, utilizing local suppliers and reusable glass vessels. 

Our candles are curated carefully, each scent is designed by Sav with our customer in mind and tested to ensure it’s good through and through. 

did you know scent is connected to your memory & emotions?

What if you were intentional about pairing scent with life seasons?

A few ways we like to practice memory making with scent...

pair scents with seasons

We're not just talking about summer, fall, winter & spring.

New love, engagement, city, family member? Burn a signature scent for a specific season to create memory triggers that take you back to that time.

Create rituals & sacred corners of your home, match those with a scent

Now sit back and let your senses make memories.


Candle Care

Impress your friends & make that candle last

A guide to maximizing your candle experience

Trim your wick

Before each light, trim your wick to 1/4”. This will prevent extra soot from going in the air and prevent “popping” a potential fire hazard. When tested in our studio, our candles lasted an extra 15 hours of burn time when trimming the wick before each burn vs. not trimming.

Burn baby burn

Once lit, allow your wax to melt to the edges for every burn before extinguishing. This is especially important on your first burn. This will decrease tunneling and help you use all of that candle goodness.

Be smart

Don’t leave a lit candle unattended. Avoid burning longer than 4 hours at a time. Place your candle in a safe location and protect your surfaces by setting your candle on heat safe surfaces.

Time to recycle

When 1/4” of wax is left in your candle it’s time to recycle or up-cycle your glass. Pro tip, put the candle in the freezer until wax is frozen, wax should pop out easily.

What’s the Deal with Soy Wax?

You may be familiar with wax options like paraffin, coconut, beeswax and soy but what’s the difference and why does it matter?

Paraffin — Popular with big candle brands and chain stores. Paraffin is usually used because of its low cost. You might notice that these candles have a stronger scent throw. The downside? Paraffin is a non-renewable byproduct of the petroleum industry, making it the least sustainable option. Womp-womp. Paraffin can also contain harmful carcinogens, not cute.

Coconut — A great alternative and usually found in a blend of wax. Coconut wax, however, has a lower melting point and typically burns quicker than soy. It can also produce more soot. 

Beeswax — Isn’t considered cruelty-free but still a great alternative. It has it’s own natural scent and is usually ideal for tapered and pillar candles. 

At Lindbergh we use 100% all-natural US grown soy wax. Soy wax is plant-based, renewable and since we source domestically we can keep our carbon footprint down. Soy has a soft scent throw, making it great to burn in both small and large spaces without the headache. Soy wax has a longer burn-time than most alternatives. Our 8oz jars can last up to 56 hours! 

Reuse + Recycle

Instead of tossing that jar use the oven or freezer method to clean your used candle vessel and turn it into something new and useful: 

✦ Planter or propagator

✦ Glassware for beverages or overnight oats 

✦ Pantry/Spice Storage

✦ Oddities Collection

✦ Bathroom or office storage 

✦ Make your own candles

✦ Store your knick-knacks and paddy-wacks 

Oven method: Put your candle in the oven at a a low setting until all of the remaining wax melts. Carefully pour wax in trash, remove the wick holder and wipe out the jar. 

Freezer method: Put candle in freezer until wax is frozen, use a spoon to pop out remaining wax and wick holder. Wipe out the jar. 

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